We are a young family born in 80's that pass through the childhood in company of the most wonderful kind of dogs, the APBT. In the end of the 90's we start to put our dogs in modern sports like Weight Pulling and Wall Climb, and since then, we preserve an athletic type. We do not breed fight dogs. 


               Since 2003, we start to breed as Canil Del Manto, with some foundation dogs belong to these bloodlines: Castillo's by Vegas and Swogger, Lar-San, Eli Boudreaux, Hemphill and other OFRN bloodlines. Searching for a dog that preserve the heart of the traditional APBT bloodlines and solid body and conformation of Lar-Sans and Castillo's. We respect the ADBA and UKC standard.


                                            Marcelly P. Del Manto




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